Ecoherba-Bioflora Apuseni System collaborates with the inspection and certification organism ECOINSPECT SRL – RO-ECO-008, RENAR accredited and acknowledged by the Ministry for Agriculture and Rural Development (www.ecoinspect.ro ).

The references for Regulations which are the basis for the certification of our product are:

  • REGULATION (CE) NO. 834/2007 OF COUNCIL from the 28thof June 2007 concerning ecologic production and labelling of organic products;
  • REGULATION (CE) NO. 889/2008 OF COMMISION from the 5thof September 2008 for establishing the norms for applying Regulation (CE) no. 834/2007 concerning ecologic production, labelling and control;
  • REGULATION (UE) NO. 271/2010 OF COMMISION from the 24thof March 2010 which modifies the Regulation (CE) no. 889/2008 to establish the norms for applying Regulation (CE) no. 834/2007 of Council concerning the logo of European Union for ecologic production;
  • REGULATION (CE) NO. 967/2008 OF COUNCIL from the 29thof September 2008 which modifies Regulation (CE) no. 834/2007 ;
  • Order no. 181/ 2012 concerning the rules of organizing the system of inspection and certification in ecologic agriculture;
  • Order no. 1253from the 6th of November 2013 to approve the rules concerning registration of the operators in ecologic agriculture;
  • Order no. 1438 from the 16thof December 2013 concerning the modification of the Order of the minister for agriculture and rural development no. 1.253/2013 for the approval of rules concerning the registration of operators in ecologic agriculture.