Grassland management

Oligotrophic semi-natural grasslands resulted after human activities of forest clearing made long time ago. In Apuseni Mountains, locals have founded stable farmsteads and have performed a traditional grassland management which generated the great biodiversity today. The existence of oligotrophic semi-natural grasslands is strictly related to grassland management. Not applying the management leads to reforestation of areas, biodiversity losses and diminish of cultural landscape. On the other side there is intensification of grassland system which dramatically reduces the biodiversity. Even fertilisation by 10 t/ha manure annually applied produces the disappearance of Arnica montana from the sward and other oligotrophic species (for details see Scientific Info). Performance of optimum grassland management implies a special interest from landowners who are willing to apply a certain technology. Their interest can be enhanced by offering a substantial economic advantage for the oligotrophic grasslands considering the manual performance of maintenance and use tasks and attaining a low grass yield. Even if there are subsidies programs in Apuseni Mountains important grassland areas are abandoned.

Ecoherba-Bioflora Apuseni System supplements the landowners’ incomes by purchasing thesustainable harvest (is previously set depending on the potential yield) of fresh inflorescences for a fair price in order to raise interest in oligotrophic grasslands and their biodiversity. Surely, besides this action, landowners’ training concerning the grassland management for habitats preservation is performed (for details see Training).