The drying technology is the result of a long research process perfectly combining traditional methods with the advantages of modern technologies.

During pre-processing the inflorescences are separated depending on the sourcing area and their quality is checked in order to remove the inadequate material. The adequate fresh material which qualitatively corresponds is spread in thin layers and subjected to natural air flow in order to develop the same temperature as the environment.

The drying phase joins a series of specific operations. The material is spread in a thin layers on frames, then it’s introduced into the drying chambers. The heat is developed by burning the scraps resulted out of wood processing, as the temperature is guided depending on the humidity of the fresh material and the beneficiary’s demands. During this entire phase both temperature and humidity are monitored, as data is automatically downloaded at every 15 minutes by a special program.

The entire processing system of arnica material was purposed to keep the chemical properties of the volatile oils and lactones untouched in optimum concentrations, without affecting the properties of inflorescences.