The sustainability of use of Arnica montana resource is ensured by an intense collaboration between two enterprises, Ecoherba Ltd. and Bioflora Apuseni Ltd.

Ecoherba Ltd., with headquarters in Gîrda de Sus commune, Alba County, is the result of a long research and sustainable development process (for details see History of the System) and is active in the central part of Apuseni Mountains. The enterprise gives support to the preservation of oligotrophic grasslands within the mountainous landscape through sustainable use and fair-trade of Arnica montanainflorescences (for details see systems’ sustainability).

Bioflora Apuseni Ltd., with headquarters in Floreşti commune, Cluj County, was founded as result of Ecoherba’s recommendations in order to activate in the northern part of Apuseni Mountains. This enterprise is functioning according to sustainability principles of use system (for details see Sustainability).

In its conservation and sustainable use activity, the Ecoherba-Bioflora Apuseni System is supported by company Weleda from Germany, who is the main beneficiary of the final product.