Ecoherba – Bioflora Apuseni System involves by its activity in ecologic, economic and social levels.

At ecologic level, the system provides support to conservation of semi-oligotrophic grasslands and their biodiversity. Oligotrophic grasslands are conditioned by a certain type of grassland management which is locally implemented and continuously researched in order to adapt to future conditions.

At economic level, it creates income sources for locals while the main resource (wood) has considerably been depleted lately causing pronounced social conflicts. The sustainable Arnica montana harvesting activity brings an income important regionally and locally, not only to harvesters, but also to landowners. The income sources are long term planned.

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At social level, it acts by rendering sensitive and aware to local population regarding the importance of preservation of oligotrophic grasslands and optimum use of resources. Also, it determines the locals to get involved during the harvesting season and provides work (harvesters, collectors etc.) which helps keep the population on site.

Sustainable profitability of the natural resources in oligotrophic grasslands is a viable solution to conserve these habitats, to create long term income sources and to preserve the cultural landscape of Apuseni Mountains. Sustainable use of Arnica montana from oligotrophic grasslands is a complex matter which implies an harmonious knitting of processes and actions as follows:

  • management of oligotrophic grasslands;
  • training the local population and continuous contact;
  • harvesting and collecting;
  • scientific research;
  • monitoring of resource;
  • adding value at local level;
  • adequate processing;
  • high quality of the material;
  • ecologic certification of the product;
  • suitable beneficiary and fair-trade.