Quality of product

The quality of the product is essential for the sustainable use of a resource, which could be decisive for the existence of the economic system and lunching the product on the international market. The constant superior quality (year after year) guarantees the abiding beneficiary and rendering profitable for an appropriate price. Attaining a superior quality is nowadays very important for the Romanian organic products as the economic agents plan to trade them on the international market.

In general, the dried inflorescences of Arnica montana exported from our country to Europe are of inferior quality and are traded for a low price. This situation is extremely disadvantageous not only from economic point of view, but also ecologic. The export of a smaller quantity  of superior quality, organic certified, traded for a higher price would bring advantages both to locals who would be interested in the conservation of habitats and resources, and also to economic agents who will sustainably prosper without overexploitation of the resource, developing their responsibility for the environment.

The high quality of our product is proved by the good collaboration relationship with company Weleda from Germany who is the main beneficiary of our dried material since 2006 until the present day.